Lee Freeman

My experience at Codaisseur

I graduated from the Codaisseur Academy program in April 2017. I wrote a few blog posts about my experience and new/prospective students regularly contact me asking for insights/advice etc. Hopefully this post can answer some of the more common questions, but the TLDR is that I did this course over 2 years ago, a lot has changed at Codaisseur and you’re better off finding a more recent graduate to ask.

If there is something I’ve missed, just open an issue on GitHub or something?

How long did it take you to find a job afterwards? My first employer post-Codaisseur attended my graduation/demo night and approached me after my presentation. We went for lunch, I met the team and was made an offer. I started at the beginning of June, so all in all it took about a month to start the new job.

Is the course difficult? I had been teaching myself to code (JavaScript) for around 18 months before starting Codaisseur and I did not find the course particularly challenging (though it is a hell of a lot of work). My experience is not typical – most people I know who have taken the course since have struggled more with the intensity and number of new concepts being introduced.

How many people graduated from your class? We started with around 22 in the Academy and I think around 13 graduated.

What is the interview process like? When I studied at Codaisseur over 2 years ago I had to do a multiple choice Ruby quiz and a multiple choice Logic test. This was followed up by a short chat about my motivation for wanting to take the course. At the time of writing, Codaisseur no longer teaches Ruby so the interview process is naturally very different. Try and track down a more recent student to find out more about it.

Is there any homework? It is quite normal to have homework that needs to be completed on a Saturday so you have Sundays free to do something other than coding.